Family Community Council

Family Community Council Meeting Schedule


August 2021




Audi Field*

*Location pending approval


The purpose of the Family Community Council is for DC SCORES leadership and staff to receive regular, meaningful feedback about DC SCORES’ operations, programming, and strategic direction from a representative cross-section of family members of current and former poet-athletes.

Council Structure

DC SCORES will convene the Family Community Council 4-6 times per year for 60 minutes each time. If the Council meeting is in person, DC SCORES shall provide snacks and reimburse members’ transportation or parking upon request. If the Council meeting is virtual (e.g. Zoom), DC SCORES shall provide log-in information.

A DC SCORES staff member or coach shall facilitate each meeting in English, with translation as needed. Standing agenda items shall include:

  • an overview of the issue(s) DC SCORES is seeking input on

  • presentation of specific questions for Council members’ feedback

  • any additional ideas, issues, topics related to DC SCORES that Council members’ would like to discuss immediately or in the future

Members of DC SCORES’ senior management team and/or Board will attend every Council meeting for the purpose of listening to and learning from Council members. DC SCORES staff will record key takeaways from each Council meeting, and may follow up with individual Council members for additional feedback.

Expectations of Council Members

  • Participate in at least 3 Council meetings per year (if meeting is virtual, have camera on)

  • Provide open, honest, and unfettered feedback to DC SCORES

Membership Composition and Criteria

The Family Community Council will have a minimum of 8 members and a maximum of 15 members. The Council membership should strive to reflect the racial and gender demographics of DC SCORES’ participants. We will strive for there to be at least 1 member from every Ward DC SCORES operates in. At least 6 members must have current poet-athletes, and we will strive for at least 2 of those members to have poet-athletes participating in Junior SCORES, at least 2 in Elementary SCORES, and at least 2 in Middle School SCORES. We will strive for there to be at least 2 members who have children who are alumni of DC SCORES or participate in DC SCORES’ enhancement / extension programming (e.g. OWOC, alumni soccer teams).

  • Selection: Prospective members may be selected from among volunteers or individuals identified by DC SCORES staff, coaches, or school partners.

  • Terms: Members will participate for 12 month terms.

  • Compensation: Active members will be provided with DC SCORES gear and, when MLS reopens Audi Field to fans, tickets to a D.C. United game. Members who participate in at least 3 Council meetings will receive a $50 gift card in appreciation for their volunteer service.