(Grades 3-5)

Elementary School SCORES

About (Grades 3-5) Elementary School SCORES

DC SCORES’ core programming is school-based, team-based, and serves the whole child. Our core program integrates soccer, poetry, and service-learning.

Soccer is the backbone of the program, happening year round, but youth split time between the soccer field and classroom. Each week students will participate in two soccer practices, two writing practices, and one game day.

Programs are open to students in grades 3-5.


Fall and Spring

Kids will become more physically fit as they learn the fundamentals of soccer and improve their skills. Players will also participate in activities that teach and further promote DC SCORES’ core values of teamwork, leadership and commitment.

Players of all levels are encouraged to participate.



Kids will improve their writing and literacy through a fun and interactive curriculum. They will read and write poetry twice every week. At the end of the fall season, everyone will perform in the annual DC SCORES Poetry Slam! The team will get on stage together to share their words with the community.



Youth will explore their community and discuss the things they like and the things they want to change. Then, their team will choose an issue that they’d like to work on, and create a project to benefit their neighborhood, school, city, or the world. They will learn how to use writing to support their project, by writing letters, newspaper articles, surveys, and more!


DC SCORES programming is FREE to all participants. Each year we raise 100% of the money it takes to run our programs in DC.

If you would like to contribute to the program or help fundraise, please contact us at parents@dcscores.org or donate here.

What does my child need to participate?

Every participant must turn in a signed registration form before participating in DC SCORES. The registration form ensures that staff have necessary information about your child, and also provides your child with supplemental insurance.

New registration forms must be completed each school year of participation. See the coach at your child’s site for a registration form or complete the form online at register.dcscores.org.

All practice and game equipment (including jerseys) will be provided by DC SCORES. All equipment provided is property of DC SCORES until distributed by coaches at the end of the spring season for players completing both seasons and meeting attendance requirements as set by his/her coach.

Players are not required to wear cleats and can play in any type of athletic shoe/sneaker. They should wear comfortable athletic clothing and footwear for all sessions.

Weekly Site Schedule

Each DC SCORES site makes their own afterschool schedule to meet the needs of their coaches and available resources. Please contact the coach point of contact (listed on the Program Site Directory) at your site for the schedule.

Parents are responsible for picking up their children at the time established by the coaches. Parents who are late to pick up their children may be subject to a fee.

Please note that practices will not be canceled in the case of inclement weather (unless school closes). Coaches will conduct practice inside as necessary.


Fall Frenzy

Fall Frenzy is for all elementary school core program teams and their families. Kids will participate in soccer games, arts and crafts, and other activities. Buses will transport students from their school, and lunch is provided for all players and family members.

Poetry Slam

Every team will perform in one of the three nights of the DC SCORES annual Poetry Slam! Held in local high school auditoriums, the Slam is a community event where we will celebrate our students’ voices.


Similar to Fall Frenzy, Jamboree is an end of year celebration with soccer games, activity booths, and free food for everyone.